2D Games

2D Ambulance Runner

Game Description

They are out there, the people on stretchers waiting for an ambulance to pick them up! Are you ready to take your ambulance for an endless 2D drive? In this fun, endless game, drive your ambulance as far as you can, and reach your best distance by avoiding obstacles and picking up all the stretcher people in need of an ambulance ride. You'll need to keep picking up stretcher people to keep going, and you'll be challenged by the progressive speed of the game. As you go farther and drive faster, you will be addicted to this game, playing to beat your best score.

2D Car Runner

Game Description

Are you ready for an endless 2D drive? In this fun, but challenging game, drive as far as you can, and reach your best distance by avoiding obstacles and picking up gas. You'll need to keep your car gassed up to keep going, and you'll be challenged by the progressive speed of the game. You will love the challenge of this game, and the smooth game tune will keep you engaged for hours!

2D Race Runner

Game Description

Ready! Set! GO! See how far you can go in this 2D endless racer!

Get your 2D Race on in this fast, fun endless racer where your goal is to avoid obstacles and reach your best distance. This game is so addictive, has great graphics, cool game music, and will keep you on your toes. Drive over the Turbo Arrows to gain a boost in speed and become invincible for a an amount of time to go even further!

Dive Danger

Game Description

Get ready for Dive Dangers. In this 2D underwater "Dive for Treasure" game, you swim underwater avoiding all types of enemies and collect treasure chests, to be rewarded with precious gems. Navigate your way underwater, but be careful, not only do you have to avoid the fishes swimming about, but you have to keep your air tank full by swimming to the top.


Game Description

Our Hero Dragoust is on a quest to defeat as many evil dragons as he can. Take control of Dragoust and fly through the air, pouncing on the evil dragons, and collecting their precious eggs they drop. Defeat all the enemy dragons, to continue, but beware, the dragons get more difficult as you progress.

Hidden Tombs

Game Description

Hidden Tombs is a challenging fun memory game, where you search for treasure and ancient artifacts. Put your memory to the test, and as you progress further, the enemies will challenge you more and more. Search for gems and artifacts, and collect as much as you can, while avoiding the enemies. Find the exit, and escape with your treasures before time ends, and advance to the next stage. Be careful on your journey, one wrong move and the skulls will stop you in your tracks! Enjoy 60 levels of this fun colorful game, with relaxing music. challenge your score against others in the leader board. Collect all 10 artifacts to complete all the game tasks. Enjoy this fun memory game, that challenges you to find your way out through the Hidden Tombs!

Maze Slider

Game Description

Get ready for Maze Slider! Sit back, relax and work your way through 60 totally random mazes! Go for your longest streak, by not letting the chaser catch up to an unconnected point in the maze. Features Touch/Slide finger movement to connect lines, great graphics, and it's totally free.

Tappy Quack

Game Description

Tappy Quack is on the move, flying his way through a world of obstacles and challenges. Guide Tappy Quack by tapping the screen, avoiding obstacles and fly your way to the very end. Beware though, Big Block Boss and his helpers will be out there too, trying to stop you from reaching the end.

Traffic Urban Jam

Game Description

Are you ready for some Traffic Urban Jam! This fast, fun addictive game, keeps you on your toes as you swipe cars to keep the intersections flowing without incident!

Do your best to keep track of the oncoming cars, tap them to stop and start, swipe them to speed them up. Keep the cars moving and drive your score to be the best!


Game Description

Get ready for some ZombSplat!

That's right, those zombies are at it again, chasing people down, looking to take them out! It's up to you to save mankind, tap and splat those zombies as fast you can. Swipe the humans to speed them up, and get them to safety and score big points!

You'll be addicted to this one of a kind, fun splat zombie game!

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